Allyson Brown

Mackenzie Brunecz

Amelia Bundy

Grace Bundy

Sara Bundy

Katrina Castro

Talia Cole

Julia De Penti 
Catie Derry

Sumer Field
Caitlin Hirsch
Nicole Hirsch

Kayla Hrabak

Emily Kaplan

Emily Kennedy 

Kaitlyn Kolenz

Olivia Kolenz

Cassie Koson
Theresa Miller
Hailey Morell
Erin Nagle
Lauren Nagle
Sammi Nielsen
Sammi Orlosky
Nia Perez

Rachel Perko

Isabella Ramicone

Grace Richter

Isabella Ruffa

Brigid Savage

Ciara Shepard/Workman

Emily Shijo
Lucy Shijo
Faith Soukup

Martina Starkey
Lillianna Starkey
Jenna Timko
Abbey Weiser
Hailey Weiser

Whitney Weiser
Victoria White
Olivia Whitt

Revolutions Dance Academy Performing Group Photos

Revolutions Dance Academy Performing Group 2016/2017

RDA Performing Group

RDA gives their dancers the opportunity to participate in performances locally throughout the Cleveland area and northeast Ohio. Our performance group is a non-competitive group that has been created to entertain audiences at various local events.  It is perfect for the dancer that likes to perform but may not like the pressure or time constraints of competitive dance. The RDA Performing Group travels to events such as festivals, parades, half-time shows, and nursing homes.  During our 2015/2016 season, the RDA Performing Group entertained at Halloween on the Heights and Broadview Heights Christmas Tree Lighting.  This Group is a great for any dancer who loves to just have fun and perform!

Come join the excitement!