Future Star Program

Dancers are introduced to movement, counting and rhythms,  while building self esteem and independence. Basic techniques of ballet and tap are explored with props and various forms kid-friendly music.  This is a playful yet structured atmosphere.  If you’re looking for a program where your child will learn something at this very young age, this is the right class for him/her and you!

Shining Star Program
The exciting program invites dancers ages 5-7 to explore a variety of classes.  Each class is 45 minutes and is tailored to a specific genre of dance.  Young dancers will enjoy the fun environment as they learn basic skills and progress to more advanced levels. This is a great place to start if your child has little or no dance experience.  RDA has something for everyone and young students are sure to find a class that fits their personality in our Shining Star program!


It is a great class for students who are musically inclined and love to make some noise.   Dancers will enjoy making sounds with their feet by learning the basic techniques of tap dancing.   Instructors use center floor and barre exercises to enhance coordination and focus on rhythm, syncopation, and clarity.  


Through its classical dance form, instructors can lift spirits and encourage students to carry themselves with grace and self-confidence.  Classes focus on posture and body alignment while emphasizing muscular strength and footwork. Instructors use exercises at the barre to stretch and strengthen dancers lines as well as introducing them to the correct vocabulary. Center floor and more advanced work teaches students musicality, movement and coordination.

Pointe (Pre-Pointe)

Dancing on pointe is the act of performing ballet skills while standing on the tips of the toes.  Pointe and pre-pointe classes require strength and strong technique so so our professional staff is there to guide, advise, and ensure dancers are physically ready for these classes. Both classes focus on ankle, foot and body placement  so dancers can execute skills properly and perform with strong technique.


This upbeat style of dance combines both sharp and fluid movements with strong technique. Dancers will incorporate body isolations, travel and space awareness, floor work, along with jazz skills in progressions and dance combinations.


​Dancers use a mixture of ballet technique and jazz style in this class.  Slow, contemporary music is often used to inspire dancers to create, feel and tell a story through movement.  Dancers also use improv and partner exercises to develop their skill set use of space.  A ballet or jazz class is recommend along with a contemporary/lyrical class to develop their own skill set and use of space.

Hip Hop

This is a popular dance class that allows students to loosen up and gain confidence while enjoying a high energy workout. The class includes body isolations and combinations that require fast footwork and arm movements.  Pop and trending music is often used in a hip hop class and can attract dancers of all ages and skill levels.

Stretch/Turns and Technique 

Both of these classes focus on taking the dancer to the next level.  Instructors work on flexibility, body alignment, core strength and endurance.  Dancers start at the basics and then progress through a more advanced skill set. These classes are intended to strengthen technique and teach dancers a wide vocabulary of jumps and turns that can be used in all styles of dance. 

Revolutions Dance Academy Classes

Revolutions offers a variety of classes for all ages and skill levels.  RDA classes include tap, ballet, pointe, pre-pointe, jazz, lyrical/contemporary, hip hop, stretch/turns, technique and featured master classes. Future Star and Shining Star programs introduce the basics of these styles and are for the younger dancers of RDA.